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The artist

At the age of 14, the artist Susanne Michaela Huss discovered her love for photography. Even with her first, simple cameras, she took pictures with her own special style, excited by the reaction they got from others. Early classes in photography opened her eyes and lens so much that she never turned back! Michaela's eye for photography captures details and colors in unique and inspiring ways. Susanne Michaela has been classically trained as photograper. Perfection already at the moment of taking a shot instead of only at post processing is her way of working. Not the camera, but she takes the photographs. Her passion and her soul can be found in her photography.

For the past six years she has been travelling to the most remote places on a sailboat with her partner - from the Mediterranean Sea arond South America and thus Patagonia to the South Sea and New Zealand and finally to Hawaii. This season will take them from Hawaii to and through Alaska. This trip has given her lots of opportunities to photograph beautiful nature and culture around the world. 

Allow yourself to be inspired!

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